6 Jun 2012

Volkov Commanders + Asta FIlms

Under the guise of the Volkov Commanders we've been working with Kim May of Asta Films and Jonny Sture, formerly of May68, to create a video and disco track based on the sound costumes we made and performed in at last month's Sounds From the Other City festival.

It was an amazing day for us. SFTOC had just come and gone, and with it all the stress of coordinating a festival stage. We reveled in the opportunity to don costumes and dance around with each other for hours on end.

This film has been an interesting project because it's come together a bit like an 'exquisite corpse' drawing game. To a certain extent each stage in the process has been worked on in isolation from the others. We made the costumes, Jonny took the sounds that those costumes made and created an awesome disco track, and now Kim is editing her video which will tie everything together while still being her own creation, which could exist on its own.

Working in this way requires a lot of trust in the people you're working with, and although this is the first time we've worked with both Kim and Jonny, we've felt completely comfortable. It's been a pleasure!

We can't wait to show you the final video!  

A few stills from the upcoming video. you can see more on Kim's Flickr