6 Jun 2012

Son of the Solar System

We've just entered some work into a design competition that could see one of our headpieces worn by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs at Bestival this summer. 

A bit about our submission:
' Son of the Solar System '
" Drawing inspiration from mythology, religious ritual, geology and science fiction, our props transform the body and physical space in order to create ornate, otherworldly imagery.
Listening to T.E.E.D in our studio while we work, it’s impossible not to nod or dance along, as if in a trance or under a spell. Taking inspiration from that, we’ve designed a headpiece that would be befitting of an interstellar alchemist who descends on Bestival to take the crowd on aural journey using his rhythmic concoctions. 
On stage this Sun God headpiece would reflect the lighting, as if emitting its own light. The spikes next to his face would be situated in front of his ears to allow for the use of headphones. Although having the appearance of metal this headpiece would actually be made from thick card, making it easy for Orlando to move and dance around. "