30 Jul 2011

Lord Whitney (part 2) Cakes!

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped up our short-but-sweet internship with Lord Whitney at their studio | CF Studios | in Leeds.
We really loved working with the girls in preparation for Just So festival in Staffordshire, which runs from August the 19th - 21st. Just So is a unique weekend-long children's festival, and Lord Whitney are no doubt going to transform the entire festival grounds into a magical storybook forest.
We were given the task of tackling the Mad Hatter's Tea Party for the Wonderland area, and here are the giant cakes that we made! 6 foot in circumference, squishy, over sized cakes for the little festival goers to play with, reassemble, and possibly sleep on. we hope that the kids will love playing with these giant tasty treats!

Happy Un-Birthday cake is approx. 12 inches high, and the stackable Victoria Sponge is approx 3ft high.

Thanks Lord Whitney!

20 Jul 2011

West Yorkshire Playhouse

While Lord Whitney were sourcing props for their workshops with The House of Fairytales at Camp Bestival 2011, we got the chance to tag along with them on a trip to the West Yorkshire Playhouse Costume Department.

Like kids in a candy store. Perusing (and trying on) the wears was a great opportunity for us to see how costumes for stage are made. Great timing too, because shortly thereafter Lord Whitney passed on to us a pretty special costume commission. More on that later...

T-shirts and Socks

Having gone tie-dye crazy this summer, here to buy are our tie-dye socks, and t-shirts, with our design screen printed by our buddy Savwo

Go HERE to see more and buy!

14 Jul 2011

Lord Whitney

This week finds us half way through a short but sweet internship with Lord Whitney at their studio in Leeds.
Lord Whitney are the art directors for the entirety of this year's Just So Festival in Staffordshire, and we've been helping out with some of the interactive props that will be featured within the festival.
While we've been making ourselves at home (see also: making a big mess) in their studio, Amy (Lord) and Rebecca (Whitney) have kindly taken us under their wing, teaching us the ways of the world, the art of rummaging, how to use power tools, and where to get the best cupcakes in the north of England.
Of course, the cupcakes were eaten as 'research' for the props we've been working on.
More on that later....