25 May 2011

experimenting with psychedelics | part 2 |

The fabric and patterns that we have made have come out so well, we are now officially tie dye fanatics. Expect to see a range of lovely things made from these beautiful fabrics!

experimenting with psychedelics

So, as previously mentioned, here is our work in progress during our tie dye session. We're loving the colours in these Dylon tins and are particularly sad that they have been discontinued. We had a good play with different folds and have come up with some amazing patterns!

The last 2 photos show a tie and bow tie that we sent off to Supermarket Sarah for her Fathers' Day wall in Selfridges. We have made a load more too, so watch this space as we get the pics up. And if you fancy getting your Dad (or yourself!) a tie or bowtie treat, then head to Selfridges!

20 May 2011

BTS with India Hobson

Wow, how time flies! A lot has been going on over the past month. I (Anna) have moved into the studio that I share with Sacred Geometry's top-knotted half, Mariel, as well as TXLW and Sally from one69A
There's a great atmosphere in the studio. Everyone is positive and the coffee flows freely. Mariel and I have set about making batches of tye-dyed fabric, which we'll be transforming into all sorts of wearable and carry-able items. some of these are destined for Super Market Sarah's wall at Selfridges in London! More on that later.

While we're working away in the studio, we wanted to share this little teaser video from the shoot that we did last month with India Hobson. You can see her 'Behind The Scenes' Tumblr here.

film by Lee Joseph Elliot

9 May 2011

blast from the past

Check out this video of 2010's PANOPLY by our studio mate, illustrator TXLW

Lora Avedian's blog!

We're really flattered to have been blogged about by Lora Avedian { here }
If you haven't heard of her already, she's an up-and-coming prop maker and stylist who has already worked on some amazing projects, be sure to take a look through the rest of her blog!

4 May 2011

Our tops in Vanisha's Design Boutique

If you're out shopping in central Manchester pop into Afflecks Palace and check out the tops we've made for Vanisha's Design Boutique!

Vanisha's Design Boutique | 2nd floor | Affleck's Palace | 52 Church Street M4 1PW