31 Aug 2011

OWT #8

OWT are a Manchester based design collective who produce hand printed zines featuring commissioned and submitted work from local and national artists and designers.
We're stoked to be included in their most recent issue : #8 'LOVE' & 'HATE', which has been made into two separate zines with 125 unique covers by DR.ME

Inspired by our recent trip to the Yorkshire Playhouse costume department, we dug deep into our dressing up box and emerged as two warriors, personifications of those eternally battling emotions, those universal subjects for innumerable song lyrics.

LOVE courtesy of OWT

Props, styling and photography by us, printed by OWT and marc the printers

You can pick up a copy directly from OWT here, or if you're out and about in Manchester you can find LOVE & HATE in Magma or the Cornerhouse bookshop.