30 Jul 2011

Lord Whitney (part 2) Cakes!

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped up our short-but-sweet internship with Lord Whitney at their studio | CF Studios | in Leeds.
We really loved working with the girls in preparation for Just So festival in Staffordshire, which runs from August the 19th - 21st. Just So is a unique weekend-long children's festival, and Lord Whitney are no doubt going to transform the entire festival grounds into a magical storybook forest.
We were given the task of tackling the Mad Hatter's Tea Party for the Wonderland area, and here are the giant cakes that we made! 6 foot in circumference, squishy, over sized cakes for the little festival goers to play with, reassemble, and possibly sleep on. we hope that the kids will love playing with these giant tasty treats!

Happy Un-Birthday cake is approx. 12 inches high, and the stackable Victoria Sponge is approx 3ft high.

Thanks Lord Whitney!